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Higel Kältetechnik e. K. Hartmut Higel has been developing and producing high quality scale ice makers since 1997.

Many years of experience and satisfied customers all over the world vouch for high quality refrigerating machines and refrigerating installations from Kehl-Marlen.

Constant development and improvement of our products guarantee you will be using the latest technology in scale ice production for the future.

Because we’re only satisfied if YOU are!

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The food industry and trade are crying out for refrigeration, at least if there’s a summer-in-a-century approaching – or the inspectors. Doctors’ practices, clinics and rehabilitation centres put their faith in a proven medium for serology and therapy: ice.

Save yourself the heated debates and always keep a cool head with Higel scale ice makers!

Ask us! – We’ll just put your refrigeration problems “on ice”!



We have been developing high-quality machines to produce scale ice for more than 20 years.



We manufacture in Germany. Wherever possible, we purchase components and materials from quality companies in our region.


Maintenance and repair

We guarantee maintenance and repairs for the entire service life of your scale ice maker.

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Inspiring application examples

Scale ice is employed everywhere where conventional ice is not used. Scale ice is much appreciated equally by consumers, industry and specialist users. The areas of application are as many and varied as the ice crystals produced by our machines.

Butchers and the meat product industry as well as fish and poultry processors, bakeries and the food industry produce and use scale ice.

Research laboratories protect themselves from some of their overheated reactions in their new discoveries and developments with ice.

We look forward to you

Get to know us, we are happy to be there for you.

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We introduce: our team

The persons behind Higel Kältetechnik, motivated, friendly, personally

Hartmut Higel

company owner

Valeria Higel


Michèle Vogel

office management

Rudi Fladt


Mohamed Aymen Somai

development / electrical engineering

Wieland Eck


Josip Markulin


Customers from all over the world

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